Service to Mankind

It's called Sertoma...SERvice TO MAnkind. It's a wonderful service club that has helped disabled children and other needy organizations for more than 50 years in Hamilton. Sertoma saw fit to present me with their Service to Mankind Award last week but little did they know a tale of mystery and intrigue would soon follow. Sometime between receiving the plaque and gettinginto my sister's van, the solid wooden award vanished. We re-traced our steps, searched the beautiful dining room of the Scottish Rite, looking under the table, between the seat cushions in the parlour and even the ladies' room...NOTHING! Where and how could a rather hefty and very visible article like this just disappear. A phone call from my former employer solved the caper. A woman found it in the parking lot at King and Hess, leaning against a light standard. She recognized my name and called CHCH-TV. It seems it quietly slid out an unsealed end of the box it came in and quietly came to rest in a vertical position which must have made it made it difficult to see. Thank You Pierre Martin for a service to mankind about a service to mankind from a service to mankind. I will see you Friday for the "hand-over"!