A Lazy Sunday

No where to go, nothing to do...that HAS to be done that is...love it!
Just one thing on the "to do" list...a quick trip downtown to try to find my lost award,a deepening mystery! After receiving Sertoma Hamilton's Service to Mankind Award, I lost it, or rather, it disappeared, sometime between receiving it last Thursday at the Scottish Rite luncheon and the time I got into my sister's van. All I held in my arms was an empty cardboard box with one open end. Sertoma has done such wonderful things from supporting children with cerebral palsy to the famed Around the Bay Road Race. Now it struggles to embrace a new generation with a social conscience and a sense of commitment. We retraced our steps, from the parking lot to the building, looked under the immense and ancient dining room table and parlour seat cushions. Where could it be? Did someone find it? If so please contact the writer!