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Broadcast Journalist

I’ve interviewed Prime Ministers and Premiers, such political celebrities as Sarah Palin, Patrick Buchanan and Pierre Salinger (former U.S. President John F. Kennedy’s press secretary); movie stars including Jim Carrey (you can find that early interview with Jim on his website today!), Michael Douglas, Danny DeVito and Mariel Hemmingway; recording artists Olivia Newton-John, Pearl Bailey, Bernadette Peters, the Pointer Sisters, Roch Voisine, Andy Kim, BJ Thomas, Alan Frew (Glass Tiger); TV stars Jamie Farr and Joyce Dewitt, not to mention powerful CEOs like the co-founder of Tim Hortons Ron Joyce, Second Cup’s Frank O’Dea and Fox 40 Whistle’s Ron Foxcroft, renown philanthropists Charles and Margaret Juravinski, wildlife artist/naturalist Robert Bateman, Olympians and sports stars like Doug Gilmour, Ron Duguay, and astronauts Dafydd (Dave) Williams and Roberta Bondar.  I ask them what inspires and motivates them and they share personal stories of conquering challenges to accomplish their dreams and goals.