2 hours with Aunt Beab

I am Beab to my family. That's B-E-A-B. My sister Claudia didn't know how to 1. say baby or 2. spell baby when she named me this when she was learning to talk. With just two years between us, she considered me to be a baby too! The name stuck so that it sosunds really strange to be in a situation with my family where someone calls me Connie...they even kind of stumble around it!
Needless to say the next generation is carrying on the tradition. Since my temporary (I hope) transition into unemployment (terminated as a new anchor at CHCH-TV Hamilton after 32 years), I am know enjoying babysitting my youngest sister's three little ones: Aiden, 10, Jordan, 7 and Sierre, 5. I love it. I have a "shift" today at 3:30. I meet my sister Barbi in the parking lot to switch the carseat for the youngest. She takes off to teach a yoga class, Aunt Beab takes off with my 3 "starving" charges to Tim Horton's. Hot chocolate? Sure! A donut with sprinkles? Why not! Can we eat in? Of course! After about a half an hour of decompressing after a tough day in school, home we go to...cartoons! Boy have they changed and were those whiney cartoon voices always that annoying? They don't seem to mind and neither do I really. Sometimes I even get a little snuggle on the couch. Today Aunt Beab could be up to bat at Wii...and I can't wait!