The Girl on the Train

 I took the Go train into downtown Toronto today...and as we approached Union Station, my mind flashed back a few decades, well 45 years ago to be more precise. As I looked at my reflection in the window, I remembered my 18-year-old self doing the same thing. I had my hair done in an up-to for a blind date I would soon meet.

My high school friends Cheryl and Debbie were nursing students at Toronto General Hospital. I was studying communication arts at Mohawk College. Most of my girl friends went into nursing or teaching. So I was invited to a nursing students dance at their residence.

A long, aqua dress adorned with matching ostrich feathers I borrowed from my sister was neatly folded in my overnight bag. I can’t remember my date’s name, maybe Gord, but he had very long hair that didn’t impress me but we all had a good time. I do remember a bed being loaded into the elevator and spending an inordinate amount of time in the washroom as I wasn’t used to drinking so many Singapore slings. I don’t think I’ve had a Singapore sling since.

Years went by. Cheryl and Debbie are now retired from successful nursing careers. A few years ago we reconnected and reminisced about that crazy night.

I look back at my reflection in the Go train window this March 21st, 2018. I’m no longer that nervous young girl wondering where that night would lead me and the days, weeks and years after that, but I see that same face looking back at me.

So many years later, so much life lived but here I am riding that same train into Union Station with the same excitement and anticipation of meeting a handsome young man. No blind date this time. It’s my son.

I’m meeting him at his office downtown Toronto. I’m so proud...yes of him...but also of myself....for he is my greatest accomplishment and I know that shy young 18 year-old girl whose face I saw in the Go train car window would agree.

connie calvin.jpeg