A New Mom...again!

It was deju vue...all over again, as they say...23 and a half years later!

I will never forget that day back then.  As a TV journalist, I had fearlessly set out in search of prime ministers, TV stars (including Bill Cosby whom we had discovered was secretly playing a game of tennis in town and who made me wait until such game was over before talking to me),  directors (Norman Jewison after church at his Orillia area cottage who was not all that pleased to see me), tornadoes (followed one up hwy 400 to Barrie) and even wayward chimps (see conniesmith.ca website for story of Joe Bananas).  I had gone on the air live from locations all over North America with barely a script in hand, my heart beating so loudly I was afraid it would be picked up by my microphone.

BUT the prospect of heading out to the mall for the first time with my days old baby boy had me in an unparallelled sweat!  It was time.  I couldn't put it off any longer.

-diaper bag filled-check
-baby dressed and fed-check
-load baby into car seat into car-check
-load in stroller- or should this be ahead of load in baby????!!!-check
-change out of pyjamas and apply make-up (for the first time in a while)-check
-worry about how he will handle the car ride-check
-back CAREFULLY out of garage and into traffic-after all, other drivers won't know I have a BABY on board-check
-constantly check on baby, reach back hand to comfort-check
-arrive at destination-check
-unload in reverse order-but what if someone steals baby while I'm opening trunk???-check
-place keys in purse-taking care not to locks keys in car-check
-walk confidentially into mall while breathing deeply to slow my heartbeat-check
-take pride in my beautiful Calvin as admirers gush everywhere I go-check

Fast forward....
 Well the "diaper bag" this time contains pee pads and a leash and instead of a car seat, it's the requisite crate with blanket, treats and chew toys.
My husband and I are sleep-deprived.  We live in track suits and pyjamas under coats and our lives evolve around meal times and elimination.
So it's time for that first road trip...again..AND IT'S EXACTLY THE SAME!  THAT SAME MATERNAL ANGST!

Repeat above checklist....except this time the destination is my Mom's house to help her pack up to move into her new townhouse.  Tethered to my jeans belt loop, Millie delights in frolicking with her canine cousins and I remember something else...how difficult it is to accomplish anything with a little one in tow!

We don't get much done this day but laugh and smile as the puppies entertain us and we reminisce about growing up in the family home over tea around the kitchen table. We will do more packing tomorrow.  For now I will forget about a pressing deadline for an article I'm writing, an upcoming speech or the next work project or committee meeting.  My Millie, just like my Calvin many years ago has given me a gift today...a few moments to stop and embrace the unbridled joy of living in the moment for, as we mothers know, they all grow up so fast...