Season 2 of "Always Good News"

It's been a year since I waded back into TV land to launch "Always Good News" with my husband/producer/director Dave Wilson on CTS TV.
Season 2 is now underway with some great guests, more good news stories and good news partners: Rachel's Challenge, started by the father of the first victim in the Columbine High School Shooting in Littleton, Colorado; nutritionist, author, TV personality Rose Reisman our "Always Healthy" expert and Biz Doc Nick Bontis is back from the DeGroote School of Business.
Guests in our first week include CFL legend Terry Evanshen, co-founder of Second Cup, Frank O'Dea, and the founder of the World Champion breast cancer dragon boaters Kathy Levy.
Upcoming guests to watch for: TV trailblazer Dini Petty, W Network's Jane Lockhart, and the man of 4000 voices L.A.'s Pat Fraley (he's the voice of Cousin It and the Ninja Turtles!)
Watch for my series "Good News from Greece" as we visit the Acropolis, Santorini and Mykonos; the story fom the Mary Rose, King Henry VIII's battleship from Portsmouth, England, the next chapter in the Hamilton and Scourge War of 1812 sunken warships and from London, England, interviews with the stars of the sequel to Phantom of the Opera, Andrew LLoyd Webber's Love Never Dies. (the new Phantom is from Toronto and we met him backstage at the Adelphi Theatre!)
It's going to be an exciting season and I invite all our viewers across the country to visit our website to Share Your Good News too.
Our time slots are now 9:30am/1pm Eastern Time, Monday to Friday, moving to Prime Time in January! You can also watch our episodes online. We've got a good thing going! Check us out!
On a personal note, Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary to my Mom and Dad, Audrey and Bob Smith! See you at the party!