Happy McHappy Day

It's nice to have some constants in life. Witness: McHappy Day.

Community leaders and celebrities of various note volunteer their time behind the counter at McDonald's Restaurants to raise money for Ronald McDonald House and other McDonald's children's charities. I think I've been doing it since it began.

It's one hour of experiencing a different world...a really fast world. Not just fast as in fast food but hi-tech productivity fast. Talk about multi tasking ! Do you ever wonder how drive-through servers can take the next order behind you while handing over yours plus change? I could probably still deliver a newscast relatively flawlessly but put me in a drive through? I even get nervous as a customer, which my son finds very funny. I can tell you, it's not easy; neither is figuring out and remembering what all those icons mean on the cash register, if that's what it's still called!

I fetched burgers and fries, even a strawberry pie plus two Happy Meals and managed (with help) to get them in the right-sized bags! A dollar from every Big Mac and Happy Meal sold goes toward the cause. It was daunting! Thankfully a couple of young Tiger Cats and even Canadian Idol past winner Brian Melon, who, by the way, has a new album coming out, also appeared a little overwhelmed.

But the delight of seeing folks working together, as klutzy as we were, older folks for the most part, being mentored by younger folks, very patient younger folks, I might add, made it all a wonderful experience. John Novak and Ray Michaels of Oldies 1150's live broadcasts added to the excitement. I even put in a guest appearance on-air for a few minutes and discovered yes I can still talk!

Congratulations Doug and Janice Inch, Stacie and all the great people at the Dundurn St. McDonald's and McDonald's everywhere. Thank you for giving my son his first job a few years ago, a mighty impressive entry in any young person's resume and thank you for helping us learn a lesson in selflessness and finally, giving us all a constant in our lives, at a time when constants in the midst of uncertainty are as valuable as gold.